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Semco India - Forge Your Metal to Shape the World

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by: semcoindia
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Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 Time: 7:06 AM

The discovery of steel has been based on the several discoverers who have dedicatedly contributed to serve the society with forging materials. Well, forging is an initial stage of steel that shaped after heading between hammer and the anvil. In other words “Heating a metal to form an equipment of any shape with different size”. In the first of step of forge the fire is usually rekindled by a bellows. It is the same stage when the plastic strain produces with the use of hammer. Weight and size of the hammer is proportionate to the size of the steel forge. Charcoal forge, Gas forge and Finery forge are the main forms of forge while using to shape the various metals into different steel equipments.


Anvil, Chisel, Tongs, Fuller, Hardy and Slack tub are the most common equipments used in forging. Where the drop forged is one of the most familiar types of steel forge. Under this method, different shapes of heated metals turned into useful steel equipments.


There are basically two types of steel forge; hot forging and cold forging. There is a vast difference between these two types of forging techniques.


Majorly in these days of high technological world, hot forging is favorably used for steel forge. Under this process of forging, red heat is used to shape the metal that becomes malleable. Here, we can adjust the heat point as per the metal object so that on the selective point we can use hammer in order to get an effective result. As with more tender of heat, the forged metal gets into a required shape and size. The hot forging is commonly used for steels, and also for the copper that is tender to the red as the lead.


In cold forging, the process is lesser complex and need time to become effective. Here, the temperature does not put a major impact as it does in hot forging. Somehow, hammer is used in both the cases that largely depends open the malleability of Metal and its state of strain hardening. The cold forging is commonly adopted for iron, copper, brass, gold, silver and aluminum.


Here in this world of steel industry there are many steel forging companies including THE SEMCO INDIA that favorably known by forging manufacturers all across the world. Here, you would find hundreds of forging materials stated for different steel materials. Well, catch the memorable moments of forging that respectively raise the standard of steel industry.

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