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Make Your Relations Beautiful With Good Communication

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by: lakeceo018
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Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 Time: 11:08 PM

Relations matters a lot.Communication in the relationships is more than just words. In relations we communicate with all sorts of messages with the help of our actions, body language and voice tones.Communication is more than conversation.It’s a two side’s process in which speaker and listener both exists.communication in relationship is more than just information.

• When it comes to an effective communication then it’s not just saying,it’s also about how you say.This condition applies everywhere whether you are talking to your boss, employee,child or friend.

• If you are not saying things energetically and with a sharp tone then nobody will give attention to this and its mean will get wasted and on the other hand if we are saying a simplest thing with a sharp and enthusiastic tone then it will change the entire message.

• Listening is also an important aspect of communication.It’s not just hearing. Most of us,not actually listen others as we are daily bombarded by a lot of information and it has become our habit to pass most of this.We remain busy with our own agenda. We only listen which is of our use and don’t want to go beyond the limit.

• Most of the problems in the relations come because we don’t want to hear others point of view.We only want to express ourselves.To prove our self right we have all sorts of strategies.When we don’t want to hear the other person then we simply get upset or stop speaking.

• But this tense situation can be avoided and the relations can be made beautiful again by having a little patience.Listen others attentively.Let others to speak.It will make other person to feel important and easy.

• Positive attitude is also important between the relations.It will make relations more transparent.Any tension in the relations can be avoided by adopting a positive attitude and any relation can be made beautiful by ignoring negative things of this.

• Most of the problems originate from the ego.So it’s important to keep your ego one side from the relations.If you have committed any mistake then don’t hesitate to commit it.It will make the other person flat on your honesty and he will definitely forgive you.Ego is nothing, so don’t be egoistic.

communication in relationship is important. To avoid such situations that cause a communication barrier you can apply some other tricks also like you can read motivational books, do meditation. If the problem is completely out of your control then you can take help from a psychologist also. Do not hesitate to do anything that can refresh your relation and can make it more beautiful.

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