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Spam filters: Is your message zap-proof

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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 Time: 12:40 AM

• Subject: subject words or ADV did not start: "reporting". To say "this message was sent by that …". "And never Use the word "free" in the subject line – in particular in all caps.

• In fact, never used the encyclopedia (all uppercase). In a letter at any time. If avoid as much as possible using all capital letters.

• Address: when you configure the site and the public, e-mailaccounts Any account that ensures it is: automatically travel in bulk.

• Message: never say "free?" or "free!" or the use of the word "extra". Income "in the body of the last lot of the vendors of the Internet. trying to circumvent spam filters have started with the formation of the word " free " Their sales copy anywhere: f-ree or fr. ee more often. the methods used. To keep the spam messages in e-mail messages for the respect of forgetting lines guidelines and you should See sales and the response rate to rise.

Answering machine message format

If you use the Internet regularly, probably at least a couple of emails looks like this: A Friend, Congratulations! You have chosen & amp; gt; & amp; gt; Get your free & amp; gt; & amp; gt; & amp; gt; laptop, & amp; gt; During our advertising disclosure & amp; GT; Company xyx … This is the result of formatting several routing or bad sender. Many people will not try to interpret this mess if it was sent to them, Curiously, although the required information. Means to avoid that his? Autoresponder becomes agitated, i impotence-used-to-computer messages?

Firstly, the need to understand why it happens. Each has a different e-mail program, so that The length of the different line display window. If your e-mail program allows 75 characters in the line may look good on the screen — but when you send to someone The program allows you to only 70 characters per line, the last of these five characters are moved to the on the next line and the dissolution of the text message corresponding to the time & amp; gt; the code. Maybe both Problem is the font that you select. Font Courier New are fixed width of the network: each character takes a lot of space. But as times new Roman font (the default font Most text processing programs) and Arial have width that varies according to the character: "and" takes up less space than "in" and so on. Subscribe to this deviation to a Broken the same effect as the problem of the length of the line.

Keep your messages in a non-proportional font (10-size is the best in almost all cases) and Each row in the control of 60-65 characters. When you have reached the limit, it is difficult to use return to start the next line instead of allowing his mantle of word processor the text. If you use Microsoft Word to create your message, then the counter indicates the number of the line and character at the bottom of the window type (reads this Ln # Col #) that can be used to ensure you are remaining 65 or less. Can also create a guide at the top of the page you are editing (remove the) A guide to the end of the report) which makes it possible to determine the line length.

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