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Oil Sample Testing

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by: tricocorp
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Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 Time: 1:18 AM

One of the most important functions necessary for proper maintenance of industrial equipment is oil sample testing. Machinery that uses industrial oils and lubricants is subject to breakdown caused by metal fatigue, overheating of parts and a buildup of dirt and other contaminants. TricoCorp has developed a state-of-the-art oil analysis lab that carefully checks the condition of industrial oils and summarizes these findings in reports detailing all potential problems. Companies using the services of an advanced oil testing laboratory will be able to construct a more efficient schedule of maintenance on their equipment, reducing overall repair costs significantly.

Collecting Oil Samples
The lubricants, industrial oils and coolants used in heavy equipment help keep the operating temperature stable, prevent wear and tear on the moving parts, and lessen the energy required to operate the machinery. The fluids themselves are subject to high temperatures and any residues that accumulate. After a time the molecular structure of the petroleum-based or synthetic oils changes and the fluid's ability to perform its function decreases. This leads to two problems. The inefficiency of the fluid's ability to act as a lubricant accelerates the degrading of the metal and at the same time the oil itself can become a contaminant.

Collecting an oil sample and sending it to a fluid analysis lab is like taking a DNA sample. All of the clues pointing to the cause and rapidity of the contamination are revealed once the sample is put through the appropriate tests. If the sample contains high levels of iron particles it means that the machinery is undergoing fatigue. If the composition of the sample contains water or dirt it means that there is a leakage point in the machinery.

Minimizing Repair Costs
Oil sample testing not only helps to predict equipment failure, it gives a clear indication of the overall health of the machinery. The results of the analysis could point to the misuse of lubricant oils, improper brands or a recommendation for changing the oil on a new schedule. TricoCorp has introduced an in-house testing program that allows employees to regularly collect samples and send them to the lab for analysis. This keeps the machinery operating on schedule and at the same time creates a results trend. After a period of time machine fatigue and breakdown can be predicted accurately. Companies will be able to set up the appropriate maintenance schedule for their industrial equipment, reducing repair costs significantly.

TricoCorp offers this service to all companies wanting to set up their own oil analysis program. Learning the basics of industrial fluid sampling can prevent costly repairs to equipment. An oil sample testing procedure saves the company money and keeps productivity high.

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