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Grinding Machine Contributes to Papermaking Engineering With Use of Stone

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You may have no thought about stone paper nevertheless it does exist for genuine. The so-called stone paper has absolutely nothing various in the standard paper with its characteristics as density and yellowing surface area. To become truthful, the composing on stone paper is smoother and its texture is free from water and oil permeation. Moreover, the stone paper could be degraded soon after exposing to sunshine for 3 months or staying buried underground for one particular year. It turns into stone powder right after the whole process of degradation along with the paper bag made from the stone paper is a great alternative for your no non-degradable plastic bag since it coincides with the notion on low-carbon lifestyle of energy conservation and emission reduction.


Papermaking technology using the application of stone, with all the significant source staying calcium carbonate, which is plentiful mineral source inside the crust and the large polymer materials and also of inorganic substance accounting for less than 20%, is actually a new and particular technologies of reversible recycling attribute utilised in papermaking. The energy consumed in the way with the stone papermaking technologies is two thirds of that of conventional papermaking technology. Along the way of manufacture, strong acid and robust foundation, bleaching, and waste water and exhaust gas are all avoidable and recycling utilization and organic degradation are two merits of it. The creation and software in the new technology as the best choice for conserving energy and guarding setting resolve the white pollution which is due to plastic bags and also the hurt to surroundings and human wellness originated from the pollution of conventional engineering.


Facts have revealed that the price tag of stone paper is less expensive than that of classic paper and it really is of higher competitiveness with its widespread programs ranging from your disposable products such as trash bags and buying bags for the cultural papers these kinds of as printing paper and producing paper. Besides, development decoration and industrial packaging are all included, such as the wallpaper for decoration, cement bags, and so on.


In addition for the mineral stones, these kinds of resources as coal gangue powder, industrial sound waste (such as the cinder), coal ash, and so on. are all integrated to produce paper throughout the country. No matter what sort of substance is used in the papermaking method, the basic processes might consist of this sort of grinding devices as crusher and pulverizer. Stone materials like calcite, barite and limestone exploited from the mountains will probably be crushed again and again with jaw crusher, affect vertical roller mill and cone crusher towards the dimensions of 2-3 mm. Then it is going to get by means of the entire process of mills, embracing Raymond mill, trapezoid mill, vertical roller mill and roller press , and at last gets the superfine powder of over 350 meshes. While in the very last stage, it will likely be created by means of particular method by mixing with polyethylene of 15% and adhesive of 5% to be the stone paper.

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