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Capillary Tubing - What is it and What is it Used For?

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While most people may not understand the bodily phenomenon which makes capillary tubing work, research engineers most certainly will. This specific type of tubing is quite unique, since its use defies gravity. Capillary action draws the liquid up into the small tube, without the use of a pump. There are a variety of different types of materials to create the product and merely as numerous different applications for this. Below, youll find more details relating to this kind of product and its uses.

What kinds of Materials Are utilized to Manufacture This Type of Tubing?

As the most typical materials are plastic and glass, there are lots of others used, as well. Glass and plastic in many cases are used in the medical industry and therefore are probably exactly what the layperson is most familiar with. Stainless, aluminum, nickel, brass, and alloys can be used to create a product which will withstand high temperatures or corrosive environments. Many other materials include silicone, glass, quartz, and copper, which get their own specific uses.

What Are the Applications for This Product?

Although of the applications are discovered as new ideas which are brought into reality, there are a number of industries that employs it every day. These industries include the military, aerospace, communications, telecommunications, and also the medical industry. Because there are specific requirements for the size and material of this product, you must contact a company that specializes in the manufacturing end of things. Its not just something you can easily purchase inside a store.

Actually, you will find only a handful of firms that specialize in made-to-order capillary tubing. You have to ensure that the company you select will protect your trade secrets, your inventions, and even your company name. You dont want another person to get a hold of your designs. Confidentiality is so important in todays industrial age and you have to ensure its the main thing on any company dealing. Unfortunately, it isnt always the case.

Choose the best Tubing Company

You can find the capillary tubing that you need to complete a repair or start a new project. If you dont know exactly which product is useful for you, then contact customer service. Most of the companies that deal with manufacturing this product will be more than prepared to help you determine which kind of capillary tubing will be perfect for your needs. Select a company that respects your confidentiality and may produce the exact product needed.

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