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Kenneth Yellowe: The Man behind the Global Energy Group

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by: randellwiggi23
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Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 Time: 1:45 AM

Kenneth Yellowe is a very successful and renowned figure in the industry of oil and petroleum processing. He is the owner and founder of Global Energy Group, a Houston, Texas-based indigenous producer of liquefied petroleum gas. Global Energy is a group of companies formed in 1994 with the primary purpose of processing gas and to market it with the oil market leader Shell Oil. Until then, the business venture has expanded until it became to what it is today, a multinational company that encompasses oil and gas production, oil refinery, logistics and equipment supply, in Africa, America, Europe and Asia.

All throughout the way, Kenneth Yellowe has been the high-caliber leader overlooking the operations and management of the company. He is also the one monitoring the performance of the five affiliate companies namely Global Energy Incorporated in located in Houston Texas, Global Gas and Refining Ltd. in Niger Delta, Nigeria, GESCA Bay Energy in Venezuela, bay energy Service, USA LCC and Bay Energy Services in Asia.

Each affiliate company is in full blown operation in order to live up to Global Energy Group’s motto of serving the oil and gas industry worldwide. This worldwide attempt to make the oil industry flourish will not be possible if not for the unprecedented and unparalleled efforts of the man behind the brand name, Kenneth Yellowe and his team of talented executives and skilled technicians and engineers to complete the potent labor force.

One of Global Energy Groups most notable success was the installation of the very first indigenous-owned liquefied petroleum gas processing plant in Nigeria in 2005. The ten-year vision came into reality as it stood in Niger, Delta and commenced its operation then. Kenneth Yellowe along with the entire team, spent ten years of unadulterated toil, sweat, and hard work developing a plant that is fully capable in producing liquefied petroleum gas out of previously burned off gas in air-polluting flares. Since its conception, the plant has been in outstanding operation.

This Global Energy plant project is the fourth oil processing plant in Nigeria, a country most well-known for its natural oil reserves. This is under one of its affiliates, Global Gas and Refining Ltd. This plant is a $250 million venture of Global Energy Group. Equity investors include social and tribal leaders residing in the Cawthorne Channel of Nigeria, which is also Yellowe’s hometown. 

Global Energy Group is an international business corporation formed under the laws of Belize.


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Kenneth Yellowe is a very successful and renowned figure in the industry of oil and petroleum processing.

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