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Paddle Surf for Fun on Seawaters

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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 Time: 4:51 AM

Water sport enthusiasts love to explore the different ways to enjoy surfing the sea waves and cascades for hours. Paddle surfing is an exciting option for those who love surfing on the sea, and white rivers waters.

With Paddle surfing and stand up paddle surfing you can literally ride the waves of sea. Stand up paddle surfing is very popular among women and indeed they are often more skilled at paddle board surfing than men. Unlike surfing, paddle board surfing is relatively easier to learn and within a few hours surfers tend to become very comfortable on their stand up paddle boards..

Stand up paddle surf boarding is not only a fun water sport but also a great body workout and stand up paddle boards or SUPs are used as cross training tools by athletes around the world.

It is important to consider the material of the paddle surf boards. The board must be impact-resistant and adequately durable. There should be sufficient warranty against manufacturing defects. To choose the right weight for paddle surf board, you need to consider the waters of the area where you will go for paddle surfing. Windy conditions call for a heavier board but in places with fairly placid weather, the trend is to surf with a light SUP.

While purchasing a paddle board set, you need to think of the paddle as an extension of your body that helps you stabilize and turn. The paddles for the SUP should be 7 to 8 inches taller than your own height. They should have a large, slightly scooped oval shape on the blades. Some paddle surfing enthusiasts prefer a slightly bent shaft for a longer stroke.

The length if the paddle surf board also needs to be considered. The boards have a length range of 9 to 15 feet. Bigger boards provide more stability though learners can start with 12 feet long paddle boards.  You can adjust the thickness of your paddle board as per your weight and the weight of the board. The lighter boards usually give you more float. Some SUP boards feature thickness that tapers off.

While purchasing the paddle surfing board, also examine its tail and nose. Boards with flatter nose give you more glide. The tail of the boards impacts the turns in water.

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