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Salt spreader: A winter service vehicle

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by: reikopena
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Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 Time: 3:31 AM

In summer, roads are too good to drive as they are very plain and smooth to run the cars and other vehicles. However, the things are not the same in the winters. In countries like the US and Canada, where in winters, the roads are covered with snow and ice, and this makes the vehicles difficult to run like they used to. Snowing was not the problem until the invention of motor vehicles like cars and trucks. It arrived in the mid-18th century, became serious means of concern for the government, and peoples as it most likely lead to major accidents. To overcome this problem, the government used several Winter Service Vehicles (WSV) like a Unimog in 1955, Humvee, de-icing vehicle and Gritter also known as sander, Salt Spreaders and salt truck. Salt Spreaders is the most commonly used snow removal in the world. It contains the mixture of sand and rock salt and used to spread grits on roads. The salt is spread over the road by an impeller. However, until 1970; it was spread manually by the workers using shovels. Salt reduces the melting point of ice, which makes it melt and run off to the edge of the road while sand increases the grip by increasing the friction between cars and roadways. Sometimes, the grit is heated as it is passed out of the nozzle which makes the ice melt and improve the solubility of the salt. Different kind of grit can cause problems for some gritting machines with 'blocking' where sand/grit or salt is clumps together. In cases like these, a vibrator has to be employed to enable the continuous flow of substrate. Gritters are considered among the winter service vehicles also used in airports as it is helpful to keep runways free of ice. However, the salt normally used to clear roads, which can damage the airframe of aircraft and cause trouble with the sensitive navigation equipment..

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