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A Heavy Duty Sack Truck Perfect for your Business

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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 Time: 2:04 PM

Carrying things for the business such as supplies or other items from one place to another would require muscle strength. The person carrying the loads has a high chance of tripping or slipping which can then lead to injuries. Thus, to avoid the injury and to make the work easier, one should have a heavy-duty and highly recommended sack truck such as the Rolson Heavy Duty Hand Sack Truck with Pneumatic Tires.

This is a sack truck that is designed to perform extra heavy-duty work. In just one go, this sack truck can carry a maximum weight of 200 kilograms all in all. This device is equipped with heavy-duty welded tubular steel frames that are 1.3 meters tall so it was capable of carrying this amount of weight. The steel tubing used for the frame is made from 25mm diameter high-grade steel. This device is also equipped with 21.5 inches or 550mm axle which measures 9.4 kilograms. This axle, even though replaceable, only needs to be changes when there is the need for the device to carry packages that are heavier than others.

This sack truck design has the easy to use "P" handle that allows the trolley to be laid flat on the floor if necessary. This model comes in industrial grade making paint finis in different colors which is corrosion and rust resistant. It also has large pneumatic tires which are very easy to maneuver and is 250mm in diameter and 88mm in thickness. The dimensions of this trolley's toe plate is 200mm or 8 inches in depth and 360mm or fourteen inches in width.

Rolson has been in the market of providing tools and other devices like sack trucks for quite some time already. All of its items are ensured to meet international standards and undergoes branded packaging. When purchasing a sack truck, do expect that the item have a twelve-month warranty.

By having this sack truck, moving and transporting items are not only made easier but safer as well. The user only needs to place the package to transport on the toe place, secure its place against the frame, tip the trolley and put the weight on the pneumatic tires, and grip the P handles properly to balance the weight well on different types of terrains. The axle can be used to pivot the trolley, providing the user the ability to easily maneuver it over corners and other obstacles.

If you have a heavy duty sack truck such as this, you no longer have to worry about dealing with damaged items or facing compensation claims from workers who got injured while transporting items manually. Purchasing a Rolson Heavy Duty Hand Sack Truck with Pneumatic Tires is a good decision for entrepreneurs who wants to prevent risks and injury issues with their business.

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