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Ten Bad Driving Habits

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by: Cathy
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Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 Time: 7:22 AM

We advocate a people-centered, promoting civilized car, first of all to do give way to pedestrians, Here are uncivilized drive, not to people-oriented, not the ten habits give way to pedestrians, initiatives, every driver can be borne in mind, inspection and correct bad habits.

Bad habits one: crosswalk lines to prevent lines before the

Crosswalk pedestrians crossing the road line is a legitimate channel pedestrians to cross the road, may have come from very far away of the crosswalk line, the drivers often disregard pedestrians where to wait, do not slow down, to prevent lines, or even to speed up and pedestrians grab Road. I often encountered clay in the right lane to wait for pedestrians crossing the road when the car is a left-lane vehicles, forging ahead and behind the car will flash headlights, honking.

Encounter the following situations in particular, let line:

1, the embrace of the baby

2 minors to cross the road

3, the elderly crossing the road

4, blind to cross the road

5, wheelchair to cross the road

6, a group of people crossing the roads

Bad habits 2: crossing the parking

Often have this situation, the event in front of vehicles waiting in line, the team has to go through a crosswalk lines, traffic regulations and requirements are stopped at the stop line before the crosswalk, which is the driver should do on a body position, give pedestrians easy to cross the street may be some driver who must be stopped at the crosswalk line. Sometimes, before the waiting line of figurines in the crosswalk, next to a rigid plug into the car in front of me is really funny.

Bad Habits 3, turn right keep straight non-motor vehicles and pedestrians

A large number of traffic accidents are pedestrians in the vehicle turn right and go straight ahead when the place, and the event will normally result in casualties, and highly destructive. There are still many vehicles can turn right when, despite the release of non-motor vehicles and pedestrians, with looting Road, very uncivilized.

Bad Habits 4, case of water does not slow down, splashes a spray

If you are walking on the street, is fast and the vehicle had thrown mud, wet dirty and what you feel.

Bad habits 5: in the evening will be no change in their car near to the light

The bad habits including motor vehicles will be cars, and non-motor vehicles will be cars, but also very dangerous and inhumane, are you the name of headlights on the vehicles to the road ahead will be to see the situation unclear, very prone to traffic accidents, injuries innocent.

Bad habits6, residential-ri press Speaker

Pressed the horn to remind front of the district where the pedestrian avoidance, district where press speaker urging them, pressed the case of roads have been stall horn reminders vehicles and others are very uncivilized phenomenon estate is one place to rest, should give the people to a quiet environment.

Bad habits 7: when they encounter the same direction next to the vehicle suddenly slow down or stop, not slow down

In the same direction next to the vehicle suddenly slow down or stop, it may be because their own reasons, but more likely there is a pedestrian or non-motor vehicles and other special circumstances, this time does not slow down, rushed next door to front of the vehicle, most likely resulting in the heavy casualties.

Habits 8, the event bus stops did not slow down

After the bus stop is when people get on and off, this time, pedestrians will suddenly from the bus suddenly sprang to the front or the back, this time for me to slow down to observe, to ensure that no harm pedestrians.

Bad Habits 9, sidewalks, parking Blind

Further difficulties, and do not park on the sidewalk and the Blind, where pedestrians a place that you seize the pedestrian path, pedestrians would have to go motor Road, resulting in insecurity.

Bad habits 10, green light, when released, grab Road and pedestrian

Release green light when the looting Road and pedestrians, there are pedestrian crosswalk line, when it should await the pedestrian has completed. Green clearance is also very dangerous when you grab Road, next to the vehicle may be blocking the line of sight, so the event of release green light, do not accelerate too fast.

Control check, do you have these ten bad habits? If you often have two or more of them, it is necessary to conduct self-review. Drive people-oriented, begin from correcting these ten bad habits.


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