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The season of car deals

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by: jacobrow62
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Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 Time: 11:24 PM

It seems like there are many seasons for different items to be on sale. I love the seasons when you basically get at least -20% off everything. This happens usually after the New Year when the new collections start coming to stores and stores want to get rid of their old stock. There are different seasons for different items, though. If you really want a new set of skiing gear, why not buy it when the season is over. You will definitely get the best price when you buy them after the season and, in addition, they will most likely be just as good as the ones that will be on the shelves next year.

Cars basically never come into sale but it is true that you can get a better price for a 4x4 during heavy wintertime than during the summer time when there is no real effect on the four wheel drive. You can also sell your convertible easier when it’s summer time, buyers might be quite difficult to find during winter.

Tire is one item that I always long for sale. When you have to get a new tire (in Finnish: rengas) set, you wouldn’t want to wait a year till they are cheaper and seasonal according to your needs. If you’re smart, you will buy your winter tires when the season is over and the summer tires when the winter is knocking on your door. Choosing the right tire from sale is also quite easy. You usually have a big selection of tires that go on sale because of the new tire models that are coming to the markets. People don’t want their tire sets to be out dated and that’s why there are seasonal sales on the tire market as well.

At best I manage to get my once per year far east travels at least half the price they used to be, I get my tires for -30% and all the clothes I need for the next year for at least -20% of the original price. This way I have saved enough money to take another trip far east or even possibly upgrade the car by season.

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