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Lavish Some Attention on Your Car Tuning Projects.

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by: Promokent
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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 Time: 7:23 AM

If you want to keep your car as reliable as it was when you first got it then it pays to invest a little time and attention on it. A few things that people do can often do much to protect a car wheras a lot of commong mistakes can cause an awful lot of damage. It is best also to avoid short journeys if you can. If an engine that never really gets up to it's operating temperature it is never going to work efficiently and as a result the engine will wear extremely quickly. Some engines can require expensive repairs if they are only ever driven whilst cold.

Usually this causes issues such as clogged particulate filters in diesels and excessive carbon build up in petrol engines (particularly on direct injection models.) We on occasions see people with problems and sadly a vast majority issues could have been averted completely if proper upkeep of the automobile had been fastidiously maintained.

In this recession driven world a lot of people are trying to save money by cutting corners. What they fail to see is that they are actually storing up a whole heap of issuesand expense in the future on their car.

Don't ever leave the engine ticking over on the driveway. It will warm up very slowly and as the engine oil stays cool for longer and as the car engine is running rich you get a plethora of acids building up and other nasties causing enhanced engine wear.

Issues were also clearly visible on the tyres with faults including sidewall damage from age related cracking to splits and kerb impact tears. This is just asking for a blowout and something a quick check could prevent.

A automobile should be regularly washed, especially the wheels. Brake dust gets bonded on and is impossible to get off if left on a while.

During ICY weather many people use hard scrapers on the windshield and without realising it cause lots of scratches. Do not scrape the ice off the windows. Use spray on deicer or the simple age old trick of tepid water (being careful not to crack the cold screen by only slightly increasing the temperature of the screen) to melt the ice.

Avoid frequent application of car polishes. Most car polishes contain particles that act as an abrasive. It is fantastic at removing swirls and minor scratches but each time it is used it removes a small layer of paint. For this reason polishing should only be done rarely when the paintwork has become dull and never more regularly than every 2 years or so.

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